20th February 2020

Role of Financial Management in Business – Solentsis

Financial Management deals with activities like Planning, Decision Making, Administrating, Controlling. Outcomes that occurs include Funds Increasing and Utilization of that Funds to get maximum efficiency in an efficient way.

So, we can say that it is the process that deals with careful use of capital.Selection of that source which can help to reach your targeted goal.

Financial Management is the lifeline of any business. Capitalization are always limited while we want unlimited outcomes from limited resources. So, it is essential for the organization to manage its finance to achieve the goals in the limited resources.

Your motto should be to gain more return as compared to finance cost. Read more at Wikipedia.

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Important Factors of Financial Management

  1. Financial Planning

It means Pre-Estimating the Financial aids within available resources.In basic words, it implies, with accessible account, what you will do. It helps the organization to find what are the main needs or requirements of the corporation.

It is a crucial part of any business. Financial Strategies play an important role at this moment.

  1. Critical Financial Decisions

Monetary choices assume a crucial job in business. These decisions have a direct impact on the entire business . It has a direct relationship with all other departments like production cost, employee’s compensation, and other things.

  1. Utilization of Funds Allocation

If you use funds in a proper way, it can get more efficiency in your business. When the finance manager manages the funds properly, it increases the value of the firm and reduces the capital cost.

  1. Profitability of Organization

Profitability totally depends on the proper and effective utilization of funds by the Finance Manager. Financial Management helps to improve Profitability when you have an eye on all aspects of the business.

You can track your performance through various devices.Devices like Financial Control devices, ratio analysis and the most important one is profit analysis.

  1. Increase Value of Firm

It is very important in increasing the wealth of investors and their business interests. As, the main aim of every business is to get higher profitability rate. So that they can get more and more profit for their investors and for the nation as well.

  1. Economic Stability

If your business decisions go well, you should have appropriate look at your funds.You have done the best utilization of funds.You had allocated funds for each job separately then definitely corporation gets economic stability. It actually increases the power of your company.

  1. Promote Savings

When any organization gets more profitability and maximizes the wealth than it promote savings. When a firm has expert Financial Management then it helps the individuals and corporate for saving.

  1. Acquisition of Funds

If you need funds for more investment and the company’s funds are running out than you can contact other investors . But the main reason, why they should invest in your company.? If your corporation has a good reputation then it is easy for you to get investors for your company.

Basically it is the method to get financial support at minimum cost.

What other people think

People have different thinking about this topic. They think that Financial Management is just to provide financial support to the business by keeping the major objectives.This involved different things like Instrument purchasing; Employee’s training to raise the profit ratio. Here Financial Adviser has also a great role in all this.

Some people assume that this is all about Cash. As all dealings involve cash and other transactions that are directly or indirectly connected to the business.

In the third case, we take one example.Like, you want to run a school.You need funds for building, school furniture, and teacher’s pay until you get some success.

Effective Utilization of capital through best planning and decisions, a firm can get maximum profit. In all these processes the F.M team plays a vital role.They ensure the fund’s availability, funds allocation, funds control, Investment control and they forecast the Financial requirements as well.