18th February 2020

Key Points for Business Finance Research – Solentsis

Every business person wants his business at the top making much more money as compare to others.  When we talk about the Finance Research, every one suggests new topics and suggestions but the main thing is that are you interested in that topic or business or not? So, when you are doing Finance research, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. You should do research in a way that gives your business a long-term benefit. Here we are going to discuss a simple but effective method to research for some topics.

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Most Finance Researcher doesn’t tell you about the term “Paradox”. What actually “Paradox” is? Have you ever heard about this? This is a term used in Finance Institutions.

The paradox is actually nothing but working on Financial Equations. It is a very simple economic method to make financial decisions that can help you to grow your business.

You can read about Finance in detail at here.

How Finance Research works?

Creating a lot of alter solutions for one specific problem and select that one which one is more beneficial among all of them. As there are a lot of options available and you have to select that one which can make more money. Here one term also used called “Selfishness”. Since you are only thinking about your benefit in it, so it is called Selfish. Hold on! In selfish mode, you can’t get that output that you needed. You know like ethics, integrity, community, social giving and working with the organization are the opposite of Selfishness.

People also search for Financial Strategies which strategy they should apply in their business. These strategies change with every business.

Paradox Theory

Paradox theory tells that through the financial equation, you can get more outcomes and this comes in Selfishness. Selfishness never gives you the output you want. So on the other side, there are also many alternatives that can give you result in a better way.

Tragedy of Commons

Suppose you have limited resources and you want to start your business. Like, you want to start your fisheries business, but a lot of fishers are already in the market. So, if you want to compete with them, you will have to use more resources which may prove to be harmful to you. So, in the case of Limited Resources, selfishness doesn’t work. Rather it can be harmful to you.

Financial Equations are based on Selfishness. Selfishness doesn’t create always the right decision. One interesting fact that you need to know and that is Global Financial Situations work on Paradox Equation which is also called Financial Equation or Selfishness.

The basic issue with Financial Equation is that they look the perspective just from one side. But there is another Financial Equation which can look a perspective from both sides to solve the financial issues as it looks Financial Transaction not from one perspective but both.

How you can implement this?

You have to do nothing with Financial Equation, just put a new developed layer (Free form Selfishness) on the top of the Financial Equations layer and it will give you the best outcome. So, it creates a more accurate Financial Equation and if you have a more accurate equation then it will create more accurate data that will make more accurate business decisions. If you make accurate business decisions, you will have better financial outcomes.

There is also one term used in Financial Market called Financial Adviser who helps people to grow business within the limited resources.